Monday, January 5, 2015


There's nothin' like a freshly born year to make me fill my brain with all kinds of new beginnings. Already there are new habits developing. 5 Days in and I've cracked the lid on a couple new plans. The budget has been re-vamped and we've drawn in a few notches on the ol' budget belt. There are times when I quite enjoy being cheap, and there are times when I quite despise it. January 1st brings a sweet new feeling of el cheapo to life and I have no problem saying 'uh uh' to fast food and frills. (that's exactly why we shop at no frills..heh)

I also have a new zeal for re-vamping the extra padding on my body...I wish it were as easy as scribbling down a few numbers, like the budget...but alas, this new beginning involves hard work. So, the children and I are now members of a homeschooling program at the YMCA that gets us moving. (this Y just happens to be 10 mins away from us...and we live in the country, so it's pretty fantastic!!) The kids get to play sports, while their moms walk the track indoors then we go swimming. AND the best part is I don't need a pricey membership to go! It was a flat rate that was quite 'cheap' I might add :)

My new meal plan is keeping me in the kitchen a little more, but so far so good, the hubs and kids are enjoying my creative food concoctions, and I've stayed well within my new 'Crazy Frugal' grocery budget. Exciting!!

Wish me luck on this new beginning would ya? Let me know what you've changed for 2015!


  1. For the first time in my life, I can let you know I have a goal for this new year; to buy nothing new (except food). Not because of el cheapo, but just to fight the capitalist inside me, to become more aware that I have more than enough, especially when it comes to stuff.

    Enjoy the sports, and kisses + a big hug for each of your beautiful family!

  2. Ah, sorry, I almost forgot: I wish you luck! :)

  3. I really love that idea, read your comment a few days ago and have been thinking about it. Will you buy used items? or are you trying for nothing at all but food? Interesting thought Lotte, I can totally see you succeeding at this :)