Wednesday, December 31, 2014


All's quiet on the homefront as I type this New Years Eve afternoon. We had a fun morning of going to see a movie, (care of Oma and Opas gift for the children this year, they even bought our tickets!) the choice was 'Night in the Museum 3'. It was the typical humour we would expect and everyone found a one-liner to repeat afterwards :)

I shed a tear at the end when Robin Williams said his final line and put his sword in the air....who would've known while creating that movie, what a poignant moment that would become.

The children are all asleep .. including my big kid ;) They're all looking forward to staying up late playing Jenga, Uno and scrabble whilst munching on yet more goodies.

Here's to a New Year full of new memories, new experiences, and new life and laughter. So thankful for Gods love and mercies in 2014, May you and yours always know His Goodness. 


  1. Happy New Year Leanne!!! Hope you guys had wonderful holidays together! I found the kid's letter here in the Netherlands, but will write them back as soon as I can from Africa, where I'm returning to at the end of next week.

    Lots of love, Lotte

    1. Hey Lotte! The kids will be thrilled to get a letter from Africa :) whenever you have time! We did have wonderful holidays as D was home for a nice long while :) Take care girl!