Friday, May 11, 2012

Alone with the Lord..


This is what I mean when I talk about the pond being my special place. Do you have a spot to spend time alone with the Lord?

Enjoy this sunny day friends :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lovely Laneway...

Early on in our building process we decided to roll out a winding laneway. It's still one of my favourite parts about this place. It proved to be a bit difficult when the snow fell and there was no gravel to be seen...(t'was a bit of a guessing game as to where the winding began.) We were thankful for our trusty Dortmans Bros. reflectors :)

It was here before the house began.

The lane held the loo for the building months.

It even held our fine dining :)

So it was time we finished our lovely laneway with the final touch. Chanticleer pear trees. Our tree farmin' friends Tom and Christin showed up with 12 beautiful trees.

Diggin the holes with the skidsteer.

We used our reflectors as guides to help figure out where to plant the trees.

Our lane before trees.

And the final touch! Pear trees lining the lane.

The trees have a great slim top to them, they don't get ridiculously big, and they have flowers in spring and turn red in fall. ... I've already envisioned wedding dresses walking up this lane on a bed of petals. They've a few years before that'll happen ;)

The Pond..

There's this place at the back of our 50 acres that brings me back to life every time I see it. It may not be much to some, but to me, it's impossible to be there and not be filled with serenity.

Welcome to ... The Pond.

This day the pond had a gently floating cover of tree fluff.

God is so good. He's provided me with a place to 'Be Still..'

Le Discing

It's there. Rumbling in the backyard. The big ol' JD is waiting for this little lady (snicker) to get in there and get discing.
Ques que cest - le discing? you ask, well its something we lady farmers (snicker) do after plowing and before cultivating, to work the land in yet another manner..breaking down the clumps and clods and trying to prepare a luxurious seed bed for our...well...seeds.
As am I slightly inept at pulling large implements near fence rows, the hubs has taken it upon himself to disc the headlands for me (he really just needs his fix of the musty cab of the big green tractor, the dust flyin', and the air seat bopping to the tunes of the christian station)

My Turn!