Monday, December 22, 2014

Eve Squared.

Then again, maybe it's Eve to the power of three? Christmas Eve's eve's eve? Whatever you call it, it's the 22nd of December today and the list of to-do's is long and curled around my ankles, and yet here I am for some writing therapy!

Yesterday, the kids had their Christmas recital and as much as I LOVE my children learning all matters of musical goodness, the recital is the culmination of their lessons thus far and always brings stress and diva drama to our home in the days leading up to it. Their teacher has been great for our kids as she is so creative and kind of 'out-there' so it pushes them creatively, in a creative way...creating creativity..... *crickets*)

Anyhow, she herself is a phenomenal singer, guitar player, and pianist so she rubs off nicely on my three. This was Edens very first recital and she played a duet with her teacher which always sounds lovely, because what would be just a finger picking melody becomes a beautiful tune with the harmony being played as well. She was a hit :) Gabe played a Jazzy version of 'We Three kings' and he did great, God's given that boy some talent in the music department and he just really enjoys his time on the piano.

Ashlyn began vocal lessons this year, following her stellar performance of Jamie Grace's 'God Girl' last year for the end of year recital, in which she sang and played piano.  This time around she chose 'All I want for Christmas' by Mariah Carey.



Have you heard the difference between Jamie Grace and Mariah Carey? Both are amazingly talented singers, but the VOCAL RANGE OF MARIAH, PEOPLE.

My poor red, she has learned a few things over the last month or two about a vocal breaking point and that God has not given each and every one of his children a voice that knoweth no bounds. But, alas, the show must go on and her teacher encouraged her to push through and perform the song to the best of her ability. And that she did, without a nervous bone in her body....(which is beyond me. I couldn't have done it, now, or when I was 9.) That girls got nerves o' steel and she actually has fun performing!

Today brings me a day of no piano practice reminders, of which I'm grateful for. It's the little things, right? :)

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