Saturday, August 10, 2013

Le spasm of le back.

I bent. I broke. The end.

It was the beginning of a stellar Monday. You know the wake up with a hop in your step, the coffee in your mug is enough to make you spill over with pure caffeinated glee, and you're feeling especially grand because the night before was the beginning of the new health kick...a power walk every evening.  oh boy, was it ever power-filled. The hips were a-wiggling....the fat was a-jiggling.

Back to Monday... there I was getting the jobs done, garbage bin brought back in garage - check, laundry load started - check, preparing to clean the house - check. I marched down the hallway and bent over to pick up the bathing suit that laid in my path .. and that was the fateful moment my walking legs became non-walking legs. I bent and *pop* down I fell, like a sack of potatoes.

The pain burned its way down my spinal column and left me writhing in spasmodic pain, finding no comfortable way to sit or lay or lean, I just collapsed and screamed for poor Gabe, who I'm sure thought he should start planning my funeral. After ensuring I was not dead, he made a tear filled call to Oma.

My hero's came in the form of my sister in law, who thankfully ignored my 'I think I should be okay..' text, and showed up anyway, and my mom who dropped her schedule to help me for the entire week. They cheered me on as I crawled to the living room carpet to die. I couldn't heave my weight onto the couch, as it was too painful.. so there I lay. Eating while laying down is a whole new experience, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, that happened almost 2 weeks ago, and I still feel it. It's much better and ice and ibuprofen are helping. Please pray that it's all healed up before we go on holidays! Muchos Gracias .... y'all have a wonderful week!

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