Friday, July 26, 2013


There's a reason I like the dirt under my nails.  And I'm sure its because I saw her doing it.

She has filled many shoes over many years, my favourite pair being the ones she wore in the 80's and early nineties. It wasn't for their particular style, rather the way they tread.... softly, gently, always heading in the right direction. They weren't flashy or even trendy for that matter, they were dependable ... and grace filled.

These shoes ...this woman... became a fixed part of my life from very early on. She shared more than the smiles of an Oma, she also shared breakfast, lunch and dinner and I grew to know her as my own. Many days she shared life as my mothers 'better half', and it was she and mom who knelt beside my bed when I told Jesus my life was His.

God has these great ways of making diamonds from coal ... especially in life and love. Her silver hair is as He promised too, a worthy crown of wisdom. In a time of great need He provided hands and feet of grace and truth, with a little dirt under her nails.

I have a deep desire for His creation, and it's something that's been cultivated in my soul. It started early watching her stooped in her garden picking beans, watering flowers and winning trillium awards and it's only grown over the years.  I've yet to even step into her shadow when it comes to green thumbing, and there's doubt I ever will. She'll be 87 this year and she still cares for the many gardens at her retirement home.

We chatted the other day about the birds that come to visit, she has several feeders and many a fine feathered friend in her garden. I've recently set up my own feeder and was overjoyed to tell her about the six golden finches that have decided that my feeder is THE place to be. She shared my pleasure and went on to tell me the delight that she has found over the years with watching her birds in the birdbath. Guess what's on my birthday list? :)

As the years pass I see the importance in gleaning from her what I can, before her days in glory and an eternity in a garden of incomprehensible beauty.... after all, she has exceptional shoes to fill.

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