Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Time and the livin' is easy..


How are ya?

I went through my typical reading list this morning and thought I'd share the link to my friends blog. She's is the parent of 5 kids and her last baby is waiting in Sick kids hospital for a new heart. It's really incredible to read of her daily struggles and see her faith grow and to give God the glory in it all.

We are enjoying summer and squeezing it for all its worth, days are long and hot and the kids usual bedtime hour has become quite blurred. We've s'mored and swam to our hearts content. I looked back at our calendar, and in the month of July we've only had 2 days without guests at the house! There's something about those long late nights, with a cozy fire burning in the chimnea (momma found that one at the side of the road, and boy what a treasure its become :) and fireflies flickering over the vast crops, with kids giggling in the dusk, that makes me re-think my dedication to the season of fall. This is where it's at!

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