Saturday, November 22, 2014

'You'll shoot yer eye out!"

I'm a ready.

The holly jolly season is at the doorstep and I'm ready to fling the door open and let in all the madness. ... well almost all of it.
Gift giving on the fifty, in times past, was to buy many as needed to cover all the grounds of underthings, readable things, play things, and wearable things .. AND to try to find that fine balance of making sure each child has as much as the next.
That tradition is now dead to me.
This year, it's one gift each and a stocking. Can I just say I'm already breathing more joy from Jesus as I put the King first and the 'stuff' behind.
Deep breath in ......deep breath out......see?? that's pure joy right there.
The kids all have an idea of what they'd like their special gift to be, and I can see already it's going to be an internet Christmas. Love you, free shipping.

You wanna know what I asked for? 
A daisy BB Red Ryder Rifle. 

The thought of blowing a pop can off a stump in the distance brings me such glee, I can hardly explain it. Call it a country thing, or a farm girl thing, or maybe even a self-protection thing. Yes, I said self-protection... perhaps the BB gun won't protect me from much ... not even a wayward raccoon from what I hear, but it's a start. And yes, there's a proven need to protect myself and my kids from wayward coons here on the fifty...I don't believe I've told that story yet, but I will. It deserves a post all it's own.

Anyway, soon it'll be time to dust off the holiday totes from the basement and put on the Christmas music, and come December 26th, I sure hope it's time to raid the recycling bin for some shootin' practice ;)

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