Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seasonal sickness...

Yep. That most unwelcome guest has arrived, and it still doesn't realize that it's totally putting a cramp on our holiday style. If I were counting my thousand blessings, one of them would be thankfulness that we were able to celebrate the birth of our Saviour without the running back and forth to the lavatory.... this year, it decided to come just afterwards.

I, of course, was the lucky exception, and welcomed our guest earlier this month after returning from a night away at a waterpark hotel. You'd think I'd have been more aware after having just read the article about how totally disgusting hotel rooms can be...but no...I lived in ignorant bliss that night. I held that remote while shoveling those swedish berries in my mouth, I lived large and enjoyed every square inch of that wave pool with the throngs of vistiors from all areas of the world, probably even drank a little. Lets take a moment and think about that shall we? Pay huge bucks and lay in our used beds, flick through our channels with our little black box that hundreds have held before you..then, join us in the big water hole, and swim with our half naked guests, some of whom are too small to hold their bladders, and some of whom just really don't care about holding their bladders. Doesn't it all just sound like paradise?

WHY? why.

Anyway...for now, here, Red's been through it, The Hubs is going through it and Bubba just finished up...sitting there pale as a ghost. So, it's just the Little and I, and who even knows if this is the same strain as the water park bug..soo I may still be on the hit list.

Prayers appreciated!

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