Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the Old..

As I see the blogposts roll into my bloglines, I see that today the people are reflecting on the past year, so I thought I'd follow suit and write myself a little list of 2012. Just a few reminders of all that took place in a year thats almost behind us.

I'd like a jumping off point for when I begin the next year, and it begins with reflection. So here a bullet list of memories and accomplishments.

  • I read through the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation for what I think is the first time in my entire life. (I've read other parts many times over, but can't say I'd read it through the way God put it together.)
  • We put our trust in God to lead us in pulling our 3 kids from the public school and began to homeschool them in September.
  • We lived our first full year on this here homestead.
  • The Hubs began working fulltime somewhere other than his family farm for the first time in his life. (He'd done exchanges and part time jobs elsewhere)
  • Ashlyn gave her heart to Jesus in November.
  • Eden (4 years) got her first real hair cut.
  • Gabe moved into his own room.
  • We finished the basement and now consider the interior of the house finished. sigh.
  • We planted our first garden here on the fifty and wildly grew vegetables and weeds with abandon. We creamed half an acre of corn.
  • We owned our first lawnmower! A heap of junk that jiggles your insides, but its ours.
  • We planted and harvested our own acres of soybeans and corn.

I am so thankful for all the ups and downs in 2012 and know that God is working on us. We are blessed and know that all we have is His. I am excited and filled with wonder this New Years Eve, as I think about what God has in store for us for 2013. It can be hard to realize all He's done unless you make a should try it!

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