Friday, February 17, 2012

Good day..

Well the test went as well as possible.. not really the answers we were looking for, but answers nonetheless. She's allergic to beech trees, maple trees, cats, and cockroaches of all things. The allergist let us know that if we take Ashy to a hotel and she becomes stuffed up and sneezy, there's a good chance we're in the midst of roaches. Nice huh? My kid is a roach detector. (gimme 10$ and I'll loan her out to sniff the room when you're a -holidaying ;)

In other news, it's February now. (Guess that's not really news unless you've been living under a rock for a few months.) February in this house is a bad word. I'd love to skip right over this month and move on to March. This month brings this mama many a-challenge. I fight daily to remain chipper. I KNOW it's the lack of sun and outdoor oxygen, it happens every year around this time. Vitamin D, SAD lights, exercise and routine are supposed to help.. and they do..when you use them :)

Today the sunlight is pouring into the house, which is a delightful change to the past few cloudy days. When we built the house we turned it, so that it would face south east in winter, thus allowing the sun to attach itself to my face on a regular basis. Today it is attaching nicely. Burning my retinas actually. Guess the choice is now between blindness or depression....tough call.

As I was just settling into my armchair this morning, preparing to leave a large (large because February is also my prime month for growing .. out not up .. ) dent as I spend a good portion of my day in it, a truck caught my eye as it slowed in front of the house. I'm not sure about you, but when a car slows in front of my house, it sends me into a panic, taking quick evaluation of my appearance and the disarray surrounding me. The evaluation came back to me with nauseating results. The Hubs sweatshirt, no make-up and a house thats been neglected for 3 days meant there was little I could do before the doorbell rang.

Thankfully, as I scurried to my room, as fast as my sloth like beast of a body could scurry, I took note that the truck was that of 'Denois' (names have been changed to protect the innocent) (pronounced Den-wa). Denois purchased our last vehicle from us, and asked for a payment plan as he couldn't afford the price upfront. We agreed and he's been showing up every 2 weeks with what he can pay. In hindsight, post dated cheques of a nominal amount would have surely provided less anxiety. There's no set time for his arrival and lucky for me it's when he's on his way to work ( read: EARLY)Applying a fly-lady principal, of dressing head to toe each morning..would also result in far less anxiety. Why don't I learn!!


The exchange was made and he also brought a double double from Tims. Can't complain really...cold hard cash and coffee. The sight of his truck should bring Glee!

So here I sit, dent growing, coffee cooling and the budget awaiting its addition. Oh .. and retinas burning.

It's gonna be a good day.

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  1. That's crazy about Ashley and her allergies... so she's not allergic to bananas? And how about the trees? I guess you know what trees NOT to plant around your place!