Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Banning Bananas..

In this here household, we've not eaten nearly as many bananas as we once did. Our little Ashy has been showing symptoms of an allergy to them..itchy ears,face, mouth and tongue. The same goes for Kiwi..totally weird huh? Pretty awful fate for a kid who gets most of her dietary needs from raw fruits and vegetables. (If ONLY God had blessed me with a solitary craving for these foods.) She also reacts to Advil chewables, and fruit punch of all things...

When she had the chewables (about a year and a half ago) we had to bring her to the hospital because she suddenly resembled Gonzo. Her nose grew about twice the size! With the fruit punch she says it hurts her brain really bad, and believe it or not she gets dark patches on her forehead..  poor girl.

Today is the day of reckoning.. time for the test.  Please pray for her :)

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