Thursday, June 20, 2013

My girls..

Its this crazy thing that happens...the years, they just disappear. We all come with new stories and lace these tighter strands. There are new characters in our stories, our everyday people. I may not recognize them, but I know them through these shared moments with my girls.

We met again last night in a cozy corner booth, and life around us stands still. There isn't another person in that place so far as we care...except for the waiter with the girly name who brings us the decadence of food not made by our own two hands.

There are few who can have me whispering in sadness, sharing grief and tears streaming .. who feel what I feel...with me. And it's these women who un-do me and remind me I have muscles in this belly that can still hurt from a laugh that hasn't been laughed in too long.

Our boundaries are widening yet again, this time out west. We've gone south twice and we've proved these strands only get stronger and fonder.

Lets test these western waters girls, we're cowgirls after all ;)

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