Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Scurvy..

It's over. The event I'd been pining for over many done. It's always the preparations and anticipation that rile me up...the actual event always seems to be far too short or less than idealistic. I totally need to learn to not have expectations. But what's life without dreams, goals and ambitions right?

Christmas came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. And by lamb I mean only one of us was sick..and by lion I mean all of us are sick.

Ashlyn started the barf ball rolling with the stomach flu 2 weeks ago, and Eden decided to have a kick at it with bronchitis with flu symptoms (she was nearing pneumonia...wasn't pretty) then Gabe joined the club with some good ol' fashioned di-har-hea.  I'm bringing up the rear (thankfully no symptoms IN my rear) with some chest congestion and mucosa.  Dwight...well he's the wild card. I keep looking him up and down with squinty eyes, just a 'waitin to see what festive germ is gonna rear it's ugly head..(in either his rear or head).

The tree's been stripped, the floors vacuumed, although you wouldn't have a clue if you stopped in right now. (this comes highly un-recommended by the way, you'll certainly be leaving with more than you bargained for :) The left-overs are becoming far too left-over and have overstayed their once highly anticipated, mouth watering welcome.

And so I sit. Kleenex nearby and a croak in my throat. Gazing longingly at unrealistic gardening photos on Pinterest, knowing full well that the anticipation of spring comes with a reality of muck, hard work and dirty fingernails.

Oh boy ... these dreams are whats gonna get me through winter. Anticipation, Idealism and Preparation (Or better know as dreams, goals, and ambitions..) HERE I COME!!! ... again.

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